Full coverage

We will focus on developing and planning your event. We want to be your accomplices during the process, so that you can enjoy it while we take care of the rest. We know that in this busy world, it is difficult to find the time to organize an event or to find the right suppliers. We will help you with all of that to eliminate risks and make sure your event is PERFECT.

We have the heart and the mind to plan and create unforgettable experiences that will last a lifetime.

Half coverage

Surely you started this process alone and you realized that time is not enough, but do not worry if you already have contracted providers, we will make them give their best for your comfort and likewise advise you in a missing provider. As well as help you in the completion and processing of all points necessary for the excellent development of your event.

Day of Event Coordination & Management

For that incredibly special day, we carry out a logistic plan that allows us to be there to meet the suppliers and to receive the deliveries for the day. We will also be there during the religious wedding coordinating the ceremony and monitoring everything while the event is being set up.

After months of planning every aspect of your wedding, do not leave the execution of the final details at random. We have specialized in coordination services for wedding days and have the knowledge and experience to guarantee you will enjoy a stress-free wedding day by sticking to your plan.

Do youto be sure that everything will be done as planned? We will be there to guarantee that your event is a hit and that you can enjoy it with no worries!


If your life’s dream is to get married on the beach with a spectacular view of the sea or a ceremony aboard a beautiful boat, or an intimate candlelit dinner by the sea or just enjoy dusk with a view of the sunset, Huatulco bays is a very good option to have your dream wedding. In Huatulco, you can enjoy the tropical weather, palm trees and amazing sunsets, all of which makes it an extremely romantic destination. We offer a wide range of professional providers willing to help you organize your wedding, including designers, floral designers, photographers, caterers and bands.

This heavenly place is 227 km from the city of Oaxaca and 765 km from Mexico City; it’s just a 50-minute flight from Mexico City. It is one of the youngest destinations in Mexico, consisting of 9 beautiful bays and 36 beaches, soft sand, whose whiteness beautifully frames the blue tones and emerald waters, warm and transparent, so its natural wealth, perfect weather, delicious food and nature agree to make your wedding extraordinary.

Huatulco, your wedding in paradise, is possible!

Other special events

Our work focuses not only on weddings, but also on a wide variety of events. Let us be your accomplices during the process, so you can enjoy your event to the fullest while we take care of the rest!

Among the events we have planned and developed are “15 años” (Sweet sixteen), Graduations, Baptisms, Birthday parties, Anniversary celebrations, Farewell parties, Company reunions, New Year’s Celebrations and Presentations.

Civil Weddings

We will do all the paperwork for you! We will spare you the long wait in line and the frustration of going around without really knowing what you need. This way, we give you all the information needed for the procedures and some advice that allows you to do it in a correct and timely manner, and in accordance with current regulations.

We will help you by reviewing and managing the necessary documents, submitting documents before the civil registry and supervising the correct application of all required procedures.

Supervision of the correct application of procedures.


Got any doubts about everything your event entails? We will help you with it all from how to carry it out to the technical and human details that are necessary to do it properly.

I will guide you and answer all your questions, so your event turns out exactly as you want it to.

Call me to make an appointment!

Bridal assistance

During this process, we will give you support to keep an impeccable agenda with the objective that you do not miss any appointments, much less any service and to ensure proper execution of each aspect by reviewing it all with your suppliers prior to the event.

Guest confirmation

We know about the expenses involved in organizing an event, which is why it is very important for us to confirm who will be attending the celebration. This is an exhausting process that takes up precious time that you could dedicate to other activities, so we would love to help you with this, which would also allow you to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Do you want an honest answer from your guest?We will act as a neutral point where your guests won’t feel pressured to lie about their attendance!!

Diplomas, certifications, courses and workshops

We plan, design, organize and execute different educational programs where we interact directly with our attendees and have the participation of experts in the area, who are endorsed by educational institutions or associations at an international level, at national and international events.

If you want to keep up with the latest trends, make sure to ask about our next educational activity.